Communion wishes, greetings to the Holy Communion

Go straight ahead through life, taking a fine example of Christ.
Let the beauty of snow-white your soul will remain.

Congratulations to First Communion. We wish that the Lord God had always Cie care.

In the solemn day of the adoption of the First Holy Communion and the blessing of God's power flowing from a deep faith wishes ...

I strongly wish:
For the blessing,
Joy and grace.
This particular day,
Always remained.
In your heart.

We congratulate you on this unique day of First Holy Communion. Happy Birthday!

Thank you dear heart, Christe
that come to me in pure white Host.

Today we are very proud of you. Strong faith and the fulfillment of all dreams, I wish the parents.

Come to Jesus, I pray thee, let thy child, I will be.
Weapons from my evil soul, Let Thy will be forever.

Study hard, love God.
This is the best, in the way of life.

We wish to make this a beautiful day Holy Communion did contribute to your spiritual development.

Beloved little child,
When you want to have happiness in the world.
When you pass is the wrong way,
You shall love God above all.
Love your parents,
That you have the consolation.
But remember that God in heaven,
Is always in your care.

Thou remember the day holy Communion, and has always been a strong faith. I wish godparents.

Them in Thy heart always score, the goodness of God, the God of love.
In the solemn day, the first full participation,
The Holy Mass. Abundant graces from Heaven.

Search for your humble and a pond from his face. Remember the miracles which he did, the signs and judgments of his mouth. In the solemn day of First Holy Communion of God's blessing lifelong wish ...

May your beautiful beginning of Communion will belong to the Catholic religion. Congratulations.

Let your heart live Jesus Lived
You was strong in faith and with God happy.


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