Wishes for the birth of a child. Wishes on the occasion of Baptism. Wishes for Baby Shower.

On your arrival in the world, we wish you that every tear in your life were tears of happiness, and your smile, stole all around the heart. I congratulate the parents!

You who filled the house,
her tears and joyful hubbub
I wish you a healthy and carefree childhood.
For every tear that the trap was thy cheek a tear of happiness,
Your smile and stole all around the heart.
In such an important day of baptism, wish you a godmother.

Let faith in God leads you.
Any disparity in rates of tension.
On so important for the whole family
and this day is your Christening.
On this occasion here, dear child
wished to accept the wishes of her godmother, we have.

We wish you and your child many happy moments and unfulfilled dreams.

Baptism today caused,
that you became a beloved child of God.
His grace you received with it is simple, any way.
Trust God, not asking what he can give you a return.
Giving him your heart you know that always help.
Abundant graces a lifelong desire on Baptism

Obywatelce let the new world force in uplata roses.

The pilgrimage of His Life
You always let the Lord God forbid
And the power of Baptism
From the evil temptations and protects
Love your parents
That you have the consolation of
And remember that God is in heaven
Always looks at you.

To this extraordinary time of birth and adolescence przyniosie you much joy, smiles and warm memories.

Baptismal beloved child;
When you want to have happiness in the world,
When you pass is the wrong way,
You shall love God above all.
Love your parents,
That you have the consolation.
But remember that God is in heaven
Is in your continued care.
To commemorate the baptism offered ...

Welcome among us! Let your life be sweet, house - love people - friends, Nature - Mother Knowledge - sister, and God - all!

The child is a gift. I wish that your family was always happy.

On the occasion of the birth of your daughter / son that his coming into the world, gladdened so many people, we wish you to grow big, strong and healthy, and that was for you the source for perpetual joy.

On the occasion of the birth of your little one, which filled the joyous hum of your home and the traffic, we wish him a healthy and carefree childhood, and all of you - to discover new beauties of living together.

Let your child grow healthy and bring you much joy!

Best wishes! Let a new life will unite and strengthen your family.

For your child's health much, much smile and carefree days. Wish ...

Baby Shower wishes. Child Birth wishes. Wishes, the Baptism of the child.

Let the Baby Shower and the moments spent together will generate lot of happy memories. Best wishes for your mum and dad! On Baptism, may the Lord Jesus bless your family. Best wishes for the parents and baby!

On Baptism, many blessings, many joy and prosperity, I wish ...

Best wishes on the occasion of the birth of a child. You entrust the care of God.

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